Shah Rukh Khan loves his fans and never shies away from sharing his life's best moments with them on social media.

Every birthday, he waves out to the thousands of fans eagerly waiting outside the superstar's palatial bungalow Mannat, Mumbai.

On Thursday, the "Dilwale" star decided to surprise his admirers with a short video of how he spends his day and what all he packs in those 24 hours.

Beginning with the car ride, the actor recorded every tiny detail of the day. SRK then walked into the sets of Maneesh Sharma's "Fan", introducing the people who have been actively working with him on the project.

Although he was upbeat about being on the sets and getting his makeup fixed before the shoot, the actor was also upset over the film nearing wrap up.

He tweeted: "Kinda wrap on Fan. Just being ordinary in an extraordinary attempt by this team leaves me a bit hollow. Why all good things end so fast??!" 

He also apologised as his network signal kept dropping while he tried his best to show around the sets.

In other news, the video has gone viral with over 1.2 million views in less than a day. Check it out: