Shah Rukh Khan recently interacted with his fans on Twitter, where he made some interesting and funny revelations. Shah Rukh's fans posted scores of questions with the hashtag #AskSRK on Twitter and the superstar made some of them happy with his replies.

While some fans asked SRK about his upcoming movies, others asked rather silly questions. But, Shah Rukh patiently replied to most of them. Many of the queries were related to his upcoming films like "Dilwale", "Raees" and "Fan", while others were about his family and personal life.

Soon #AskSRK started trending on Twitter and we learnt some interesting things about King Khan. One fan asked whether he will need to undergo any more surgeries and the actor replied in the affirmative. "May have to, hope I recover with physio. Let's see (sic)"

Another fan asked whether Mahira Khan will be seen in "Raees".

Good news for his fans in Gujarat as Shah Rukh has plans to visit the state in November.

Shah Rukh also revealed that he and Karan Johar are planning to make a film together.

One fan also asked him if he likes Katrina Kaif more than Kareena Kapoor.

Shah Rukh also revealed some interesting facts about his personal life.

Whether Shah Rukh is a strict father?

One of the most interesting revelations made by SRK during the session was about a fan.

However, there were some silly queries as well and Shah Rukh replied to them with his usual sense of humour. One of them asked him to make a "sensible movie" and SRK replied:

One fan was too keen to visit Shah Rukh's residence, but the superstar was not so keen to invite him.

Will SRK quit smoking? Yes, he will but with a condition.

Looks like Shah Rukh does not like anyone coming in between him and his cigarette.