Aamir Khan launched nephew Imran Khan in Bollywood. So, for him to advise Imran on certain film-related issues is fairly okay. However, the senior actor may have a gone a little too far in case of the junior one's latest release "Katti Batti".

"Katti Batti" ended on a sad note with Payal (Kangana Ranaut) dying, which was apparently Aamir's idea. According to a 9xe.com report, the makers had something else in mind.

The sequence (which never materialised) would have had Maddy (Imran) and Payal speak their hearts out on a video call, while the family surrounds them. They would then hurl abuses and later touch their computer screens, as if to feel each other's face.

Just then the signal conks off and Maddy takes an exit paying the Rs 20 note (at the cyber cafe counter), which Payal had given him during their first meeting.

This would have been an easy-on-the-heart kind of finish to the film which showed a lot of potential to be an unusual love story, but lost its way around the trappings of Bollywood's clich├ęs.

Interestingly, there are conjectures which say how the "Dangal" actor had asked director Nikhil Advani to cut down on the emotional quotient of the film.

So, was Aamir responsible for the massive amount of flak "Katti Batti" drew ever since it hit screens last Friday?

In other news, Kangana is being shot down for having settled for a role that only allows her to be pretty, whereas Imran's performance is being praised by critics.