Kangana Ranaut is hands-down the star of the year. She quickly became the 'queen' of Bollywood after delivering critically acclaimed and commercially successful films such as "Queen" and "Tanu Weds Manu Returns".

Unfortunately, Kangana may have to wash her hands of the tag as some industry sources are now lambasting her for settling for a film ("Katti Batti") that didn't allow her to flaunt her acting chops.

"All that talk seems a bit misplaced now that the film is out and Kangana has very limited screen space. The fact that its box office opening hasn't been great only adds to the woes," The Asian Age quoted an insider as saying.

A former friend of the actress revealed a few days ago that Kangana had become arrogant about her recent success. "I can't recall a single incident or an interaction where Kangana has not taken on people or bragged about her stardom. Neither Priyanka Chopra nor Deepika Padukone have ever sounded so arrogant. Yes, Kangana's films have done well but there are serious doubts about her ability to handle success," the 'friend' told Deccan Chronicle.

Kangana's recent statements were nothing short of stinkers. They reeked of arrogance and spoke a lot about how she had been handling her rise to the top.

She took on her peer Deepika Padukone in one of her interviews during "Katti Batti" promotions. When Rajeev Masand asked if she would ever be friends with the "Bajirao Mastani" actress, Kangana pulled an inappropriate face that clearly indicated the bridges had been burnt.

Another bright example of Kangana becoming too big for her boots is her recent response to rejecting films with A-listers.

Talking to Mumbai Mirror, she said working in larger-than-life projects with superstars never throws equal light on the actress.

Although she is correct about big budget films starring popular celebs, what's surprising is her making such statements and then taking up a role ("Katti Batti") that only lets her be pretty with little or no scope to showcase her talent.