Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut's indirect jibes in public hint at a cold war, and it is all set to intensify.

Talking to Rajeev Masand for "Katti Batti", Kangana opened up on her so-called truce with Deepika. She said they were not emotional and never exchanged a hug. She also stressed on how she wants to be left alone and steers clear of the "interfering" lot.

Talking about those who meddle with her, Kangana said they should only focus on their lives.

"They should concentrate on their work because probably what they want to achieve by interfering in my life, they will achieve when they concentrate more on their films, their work and their performances. But that's not happening. They are obviously not getting what they want," she pointed out.

While it is unfair to assume that she is talking about Deepika, considering their frosty relationship it does sound like a fierce jab at the "Bajirao Mastani" actress.

It all began when DP dedicated her award for "Happy New Year" to Kangana. Responding to the development, she reportedly said how Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman Khan had called her personally to congratulate, Deepika should have done the same had she meant any of it.

Apparently, a few days later she made that "call" clearing all the misunderstandings. Unfortunately, Kangana spoke openly about the "conversation" they had which did not go down too well with Deepika. Later, Deepika gave "Tanu Weds Manu Returns" screening a miss, making Kangana extremely angry. 

"I did extend an invite to Deepika, but I never got a response. I have always been supportive of my contemporaries and will continue to be. However, it would be nice if I got the same support. It is hurtful when you don't get the kind of support you expect," Kangana told the DNA in an interview published in May.

Check out Kangana, Imran Khan and Nikhil Advani's fun intevriew for "Katti Batti" with Rajeev Masand, below:

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