Imran Khan showed immense promise as a debutant in "Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Na" and "Katti Batti" was only a reminder of his acting chops.

The film may have been received with a lukewarm response, but his portrayal of Madhav Kabra aka Maddy has been loved by most critics. He shoulders the film responsibly without being overshadowed by Kangana Ranaut, who is on top of her game with several hits in her kitty.

Imran brought out the anguish anyone would have when battling with post-split depression, very well.

Below are snippets of what the critics had to say about his performance in the film.

"Khan with his age-defying, boyish good looks is convincing as the college-going Maddy." - Deepanjana Pal , First Post.

"The film has a fresh set up and works primarily because of the lead pair - Imran and Kangana's unconventional chemistry. Like chalk and cheese, these two manage to get us interested in Maddy and Payal's make up and break ups. The first half has moments which anyone who's ever been in a relationship can relate to. Imran's Maddy is interesting, never boring or nagging us with his relentless pursuit of winning over Payal's attention. But the film belongs to Imran who delivers one of his most believable performances. Completely familiar with the genre and at ease with his character, he makes Maddy interesting." - DNA.

"Imran, who plays the nerdy Maddy, impresses with his earnest, honest and intense performance and your heart goes out for him when he pines for Payal. Despite being paired opposite the Queen, Imran holds his own and doesn't let Kangana overshadow him. " - Jaidev Hemmady , Movie Talkies.

Raja Sen of Rediff writes, "Lead actors Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut try their darnedest. Khan, playing the hapless and pathetic protagonist Maddy, gamely embraces the inanity mostly wearing an ironic what-in-the-world-is-this-film expression, which makes him likeable even though the film makes it dashed hard to root for him." 

"As far as performances are concerned, the lead pair does a good job. Imran's easy boy-next-door charm pitted against a firebrand Kangana." - Shreya Thakur of Deccan Chronicle opines.

"Imran does well, has the entire responsibility of the film on his shoulders as he has the maximum screentime which he takes forward with utmost sincerity" - ABP News.

"On the performance front, the film is Imran Khan's canvas. His is the only character that is well etched. With his look recollecting the charm of Dilton from Archie's comics, Imran is honest, charming and expressively convincing. You like him when he woos his girlfriend, admire him when he sticks to his guns and hate him when he is boorish and callous. On the other hand, Kangana Ranaut as Payal Malhotra who comes from a broken family, is an extension of the various roles you have seen Kangana perform in her earlier films. She brings nothing new to the table, except for confidently carrying herself off with a plethora of outlandish wigs, in the staid role." - IANS writes.

"Imran Khan makes a confident comeback, as a believable protagonist who goes through his downs and more downs following the breakup. Unlike the rumours, he is not overshadowed by his now far more popular co-star; instead he has a bigger role here and he makes us root for him with his charming performance." - Sreeju Sudhakaran, Bollywood Life.

"Khan, who is at least well-cast here, does his level best to carry the film on his shoulders," writes Suprateek  Chatterjee of The Huffington Post.

Ritika Handoo of Zee News writes, "It is rather Imran's journey of finding true love while combating all the odds. He is back after long and this film might help him get his career back on track."