Shammi Kapoor's life was as colourful on the big screen as it was in reality. The man who ruled the big screen also ruled over the hearts of the entire nation's women. And Nutan, Mumtaz, Geeta Bali, Nadia and Bina Ramani were no different. Now, Shammi Kapoor's son, Aditya Raj Kapoor has spilled the beans on his father and his equation with these women.

mumtaz and shammi kapoor

There was a time when Mumtaz and Shammi were the most popular couple on and off screen. Mumtaz had once said that she was hurt to know that Kapoor wanted her to leave her career and look after his children. Reacting to it, Aditya Raj said that he doesn't feel that either of them were wrong.

What went wrong?

"Mumtaz was getting ready for the big step and she had done 'Brahmachari' (1969) with Dad; she was just a step away from signing her first film with Rajesh Khanna. My Dad was beginning to arrive at the end of his hero days, then; nobody can remain at the top forever. Dad was extremely clear he wanted someone to look after his children. He was seeing we needed a mother. The meeting of minds did not happen. I don't think Dad was wrong --- and I don't think Mumtaz ji was wrong either in her decision to concentrate on her career," he told TOI.

mumtaz and shammi kapoor

About Shammi Kapoor's romance with Nutan, Geeta Bali's son said that they both were very young back then and couldn't have settled down that early in their careers.

Mumtaz's role in Heeramandi

On the other hand, Mumtaz was offered a prominent role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Heeramandi. The OTT series is set to feature some powerful names and we hear, the veteran actress was also approached to play a part. However, Mumtaz had refused saying that her husband wouldn't approve of her dancing.