Shammi Kapoor is an evergreen actor who has led a colourful life. The rock and roll Kapoor was famous for his charismatic look and amazing acting skills. Due to his striking stardom, Shammi Kapoor was linked-up with many leading ladies of the industry as is always the case with many Bollywood superstars.

From falling head over heels for beauty queen Madhubala to his flings with veteran actress Nutan and Egyptian model Nadia Gamal, Shammi has been involved with many ladies. Shammi Kapoor dated many women and was married twice. While many know about his love story with wife Geeta Bali, do you she was not the first woman with whom Shammi wanted to marry?

mumtaz and shammi kapoor

You read it right. There was a time when Shammi Kapoor was deeply in love with one of his co-stars and that's none other than Mumtaz. While Shammi Kapoor might have said 'Aaja Aaja Mai Hu Pyaar Tera' but Mumtaz said 'NO!'

Lucky that men wanted to marry me: Mumtaz

Shammi Kapoor and Mumtaz have enthralled the audience in many films. Their song 'Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charche' went on to become one of the most iconic romantic songs. Though Mumtaz started working opposite Shammi as a supporting actress, Shammi couldn't control but to fall in love with her. He was so much into Mumtaz, that without even thinking twice, he proposed a wedding offer.

mumtaz and shammi kapoor

Talking about the same, Mumtaz has once disclosed, "I was lucky that men wanted to marry me. There was an attraction, yes, but I didn't act on it. I'd wake up at 4 am every day and reach the studios on the dot at 9. I had far too many responsibilities to have affairs. There was no time for love and romance."

'He wanted me to give up my career'

Not only Shammi Kapoor, but Mumtaz was also in love with him. Young Mumtaz couldn't;t resist herself from falling in love with the handsome hunk of Kapoor clan. Although they were seriously involved with each other, Mumtaz rejected the marriage proposal as she was not ready to give up her career for Shammi and marriage.

mumtaz and shammi kapoor

"I was all of 18, and in love with Shammi Kapoor while we were filming Brahmachari. He wanted me to give up my career, but I wasn't ready. I had my family to look after. I had lost my mother during Boond Jo Ban Gaye Moti," said veteran actress Mumtaz.

mumtaz and shammi kapoor

Shammi Kapoor was once again left heartbroken but he never badmouthed Mumtaz. The evergreen actress also showered his love on Shammi Kapoor at several occasions and went on record to accept, "Jaise meri life mein doosra Rajesh Khanna nahin ho sakta...waise hi doosra Shammi Kapoor bhi nahin ho sakta."