Crystal meth
Crystal meth can be prepared in plastic bottles by the method “one pot”.Wikimedia Commons

A customer was arrested for cooking methamphetamine at one of the outlets of the popular hamburger chain, White Castle in Hobart, Indiana on March 16. 

According to a statement by the restaurant, they alerted the police when they spotted the person cooking meth by the "one-pot" method.

"We are proud of our White Castle team members who quickly alerted local authorities about a suspicious customer, and thankful for the Hobart Police department's rapid response. We are grateful to be part of a community where everyone looks out for one another, and works together to keep our neighborhoods safe," read an official statement from the hamburger chain.  

Meth is regulated under Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act and is an extremely potent drug. The one-pot method can lead to explosions and other serious damages, reported Fox News.

The one-pot method is an extremely easy way to cook meth as the drug can be made in plastic bottles, reports said. "Basically it's just a bottle filled with chemicals, it's used to make meth. Some people use Powerade bottles, Gatorade bottles or any type of soda bottle," Leslie Earhart from Sullivan County Sheriff's office in Tennessee, was quoted as saying by

Meth, a highly addictive drug, systematically destroys the user's body. When this drug is taken, it creates a false sense of well-being and energy, Foundation for a Drug-Free  World explains. 

Repeated usage of meth triggers loss of appetite, insomnia, weight loss and increases aggressiveness and irritability, the foundation's website said. 

Prolonged use of meth can increase heart rate and blood pressure. It can also cause heart attacks, liver, kidney and lung damage and disorientation, depression and memory loss, it warned.