Criminal Minds, the tvN crime thriller series, will be back with episode 7 next Wednesday, August 16, at 10pm KST. This chapter will probably focus on the abduction of veteran NCI profiler Kang Ki Hyung's son, Kang Han Byeol.

Serial killer Kim Yong Chul, who is popularly known as The Reaper, is back and his main target will be the team leader. He has already given a warning to the veteran NCI profiler by killing his wife, Seo Hye Won.

The promo hints at troubled moments for all the NCI profilers. It features a conversation between Kang Ki Hyung and an old man, who is likely to be the prison-mate of Kim Yong Chul. "He would never give up," the prisoner informs the veteran profiler.

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Criminal Minds
Will Kim Yong Chul kidnap Kang Han Byeol?Twitter/Criminal Minds Korea

The footage then shows the reaper talking to a police officer. "I am reporter Son Suk Ju. You should have ignored me," he says shortly before attacking the police officer. The profilers become alert only after they find the body of Officer Lee Jin Joo.

When Yoo Min Young asks her colleagues, "It's strange. It's not what we thing, right?" Kim Hyun Joon says, "I think the culprit is after all of us." The video also features the interrogation of a murder suspect, who was arrested in episode 6.

Criminal Minds
Kang Han Byeol might face some challenges in Criminal Minds episode 7.Twitter/Criminal Minds Korea

Meanwhile, leaked plot details indicate that the upcoming episode will feature a former profiler who plots revenge against the reaper after his family members get killed by him. The Korean mini-series will also introduce Nightmare High star Baek Seung Do in guest role. However, it is not clear if he will be playing the role of former profiler.

To find out what lies ahead for the highly trained profilers, watch Criminal Minds episode 7 next Wednesday at 10.50 pm KST. In the meantime, you can catch up with the first four episodes online here.

Watch the trailer below: