Bride Of The Water God, the tvN romantic fantasy drama that is also known as The Bride Of Habaek, will be back with episode 13 next Monday, August 14, at 10.50pm KST. This chapter will probably focus on the rivalry between Habaek and Shin Hooye.

The resort CEO was not really happy to see the water god back in the human world. He was planning to earn the trust of Yoon So Ah and marry her. But the female lead will never get attracted to him if the male protagonist decides to stay by her side.

So the half god will have to come up with a new plan to send his rival back and he might seek the help of goddess Moora. She is a secret admirer of the water god and it's really hard for her to see him with another woman.

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Bride Of The Water God
Will Hooye use his powers on Habaek?Facebook/tvN

The viewers can expect a secret team up between the half god and the goddess in the upcoming episode. They could prepare for a war against the water god and Yoon So Ah. The promo shows Moora manipulating Hooye against Habaek.

"If you can't win her heart, then just take it by force," the goddess tells the half god and he replies, "She is Habaek's woman. I was one step too late." Shortly, he meets the neuropsychiatrist and nearly threatens her. "Why do you keep pretending like you don't know how I feel? I will wait for you. I'm good at that," he says in the footage.

Bride Of The Water God
Will Yoon So Ah sacrifice her life for Habaek?Facebook/tvN

The video then features a conversation between the water god and the half god. In the clip, the male protagonist tells his rival, "Step away from her. I can't bear to watch you do this." But the half god calmly responds, "Did you forget? I'm capable of killing you." After hearing them, the female lead gets confused. "No way, I thought I was mistaken," she says.

The footage also features a conversation between the onscreen couple. The water god informs his lover that he came back to say goodbye to her properly and he wants to love her with no regrets. "Is this a dream or is this real? If this is a dream, I hope I don't wake up," she says.

To find out what lies ahead for the onscreen couple and their loved ones, watch Bride Of The Water God episode 13 next Monday at 10.50 pm KST. In the meantime, you can catch up with the first 12 episodes online here.

Watch the trailer below: