Criminal Minds, the tvN crime thriller drama, will be back with episode 5 this Wednesday, August 9, at 10.50 pm KST. This chapter will feature some action-packed sequences of Kim Hyun Joon and his colleagues.

The highly trained profilers, led by Kang Ki Hyung, are likely to chase a group of terrorists, who use biological weapons on their victims. The unexpected causality in the city hospital will keep the team busy.

The promo shows Ha Sun Woo and team studying the case thoroughly before rushing to the hospital. They realise that something is odd and try to get some information from the laboratory. Gradually, the profilers realise that biological weapons are used on the victims.

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Criminal Minds
Kim Hyun Joon will fight with a group of terrorists in the upcoming episodes?tvN

As the team focuses on the possibilities of terrorist involvement in the tragic incident, they realise that it is done by someone with psychological issues. Kim Hyun Joon finds out the culprit really enjoys watching his victims suffer.

The video also hints at troubled moments for Lee Han. Will he get affected by the biological weapon and meet his demise or find a way out to fight with it?

Criminal Minds
Ha Sun Woo might seek the help of Kim Hyun Joon to fight against the culprits.tvN
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"Sometimes, it creates variants that are more vulnerable to infection. It is a typical biological weapon. Even inhaling it can result in a fatality rate of 95 percent. Would the culprit feel excited while watching the victims die? He might know the reason why," somebody says in the footage.

Watch the trailer below: