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Cricket fans have been missing the fun of India vs Pakistan bilateral series for quite some time now.IANS

Political relations between India and Pakistan have been cold for quite some time now, as a result of which cricket fans in both the countries have been deprived of the chance to witness a bilateral series in recent times.

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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) are more than interested to play a bilateral series, and even tried to take some steps to make the series happen, but the outcome has not been positive so far. 

And now, PCB chief Shahryar Khan also seems to have given up on the chances of resumption of cricket ties between the two nations any time soon. But he wants the relations between the two countries to improve since fans will love to see India and Pakistan play in a bilateral series.

"Let me say it very categorically, there is no chance of a Pakistan vs India bilateral series unless the political ties between the two counties are improved. But as soon as political tension is defused, cricket will automatically resume," Khan told reporters in Karachi.

The two countries are not involved in head-to-head cricket matches in a bilateral series as of now, but India played Pakistan twice this year — in Asia Cup and World T20, which are ACC and ICC events, respectively. The last full-fledged series between India and Pakistan took place last in 2007 in India.

India-Pakistan matches have always been hugely-awaited events in the cricket calendar, and fans hope that they get to see a full-fledged series between the two teams soon.