It was in late 2019 that the first case of Covid was reported in Wuhan, China. Soon, the virus started spreading like wildfire and finally emerged as a global pandemic. In the course of time, the virus mutated and resulted in the creation of Alpha and Delta variants. According to medical experts, the Delta variant of coronavirus is highly transmissible, and this variant was behind the deadly second wave of Covid in India. And now, scientists at the United Kingdom's health regulator Public Health England have suggested that Covid vaccines may not be capable to stop the transmission of the Delta variant. 

Delta variant could cause chaos

UK scientists who took part in this research suggest that those who have been vaccinated against Covid can easily transmit the infection, in a similar manner like a person who is not inoculated. Public Health England also admitted that more studies should be carried out to confirm their findings. 

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Earlier, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States had also issued a similar warning regarding the Delta variant of Covid. CDC warned that coronavirus is as transmissible as chickenpox, and made it clear that it may sometimes evade protection offered by the jabs. The CDC report also asserted that vaccines are highly effective in preventing hospitalization and Covid-related serious complications. 

Delta variant: All you need to know

The highly transmissible Delta variant was initially detected in India, and it is now present in 135 countries. It is now the dominant strain of virus, and the spread of the Delta variant has triggered renewed restrictions in several countries, including the United States and China. 

As the Delta variant is showing signs of evading the immunity offered by the vaccine, several top medical experts believe that this strain of Covid could emerge as the driving factor behind a potential third wave of the pandemic in countries like India.