The Covid pandemic is once again questioning the fate of humanity, as a hospital in Delhi has confirmed the prevalence of serious neurological issues among people who have recovered from the coronavirus infection. According to a statement issued by Moolchand Hospital in Delhi, the most common neurological syndromes found in Covid recovered people are acute encephalopathy, coma, and stroke. 

Covid long term effects continue to puzzle medical experts

The hospital revealed that it has been seeing a drastic rise in cases of intracerebral hemorrhage, and shockingly, 50 percent of the neuroscience department is filled with such cases, news agency PTI reports. 

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"Majority of these cases are those who have had Covid-19 infection in the past, with a gap of two to three months. The most common neurological syndromes reported were acute encephalopathy (49 percent), coma (17 percent), and stroke (6 percent). The presence of clinically captured neurologic signs or syndromes was associated with an increased risk of in-hospital death," said Dr Asha Bakshi, a senior neurosurgeon at Moolchand Hospital. 

Bakshi also added that 37 percent of the patients had symptoms like headache, while 26 percent of them faced issues like loss of smell and taste. 

Mental health issues rising among Covid survivors

In the statement, the Moolchand Hospital authorities added that up to 60 percent of patients in its out-patient department (OPD) have complained about issues like anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and feeling of loneliness, and shockingly, most of these people have recovered from Covid recently. 

Moreover, several people who have recovered from Covid are again returning to the hospital complaining of issues like headache, giddiness, fatigue, cognitive difficulties, memory problems, anxiety, depression, stroke, pain, and sleep disorders. 

"This needs to be addressed seriously especially when such a large populace is affected as it has a direct implication on our social fabric and more importantly on work-life and subsequent economic health of the nation," added Bakshi. 

As Covid short term and long-term complications continue to bother medical experts, India is expecting the deadly third wave of the pandemic. The recent rise of fresh coronavirus cases in states like Kerala strongly hints at the fact that coronavirus is still at large in the nation.