Covid 19 positive child
Courtesy: Reuters

One of the most important issues the pandemic has brought to the fore is that of mental health. In fact, due to the pandemic, mental health has all but taken a backseat with little option. On Friday, however, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued a new helpline number to help children facing anxiety.

MOHFW takes steps towards children's mental health

While mental health is a conversation in itself, children's mental health is a highly sensitive and important part of it. The helpline launched on Friday is meant to help children gain support during the pandemic to take care of their mental health when facing difficulties across the country.

The MOHFW pointed out certain warning signs such as —

  • Sudden changes in school performance
  • Delayed physical or mental development
  • Poor attention/hyperactivity
  • Frequent changes in emotion and moods
  • Frequent temper tantrums/aggression
  • Recent sleep disturbance
MOHFW circular

The ministry said in its tweet, "Children may experience a range of psychological issues such as anxiety, fear or worry."

While one can choose to visit a health center with their child in case these signs appear, or they can also call the toll-free number- 080-46110007. The NIMHANS number will offer psychosocial support to the concerned. Mental health has always been undermined but has become one of the essentials during the pandemic