Apart from fever, cough, and fatigue, loss of smell and taste are other common symptoms of Covid infection. According to medical researchers, loss of smell and taste could negatively impact our lives, and in several cases, these symptoms persist in the life of a person for weeks to several months. According to researchers, coronavirus infects cells that support neurons in the nose, and it is the main reason why a person loses his sense of smell after getting infected with the virus. 

Medical experts reveal that at least 10 percent of people who lose their smell continue to face the problem for six months. Even though the sense of smell will return gradually, the Covid survivor could face several other challenges during this time period. 

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Loss of smell could affect intimacy between partners

Surprisingly, some medical researchers strongly believe that loss of smell could negatively impact the intimacy between partners. In a study conducted by a team of researchers, in association with AbScent, an online support group for people with post-COVID smell problems, it has been suggested that people experience a feeling of loneliness due to loss of smell. 

According to researchers who took part in this study, the inability to smell often pulls a person into a state of detachment, and it often results in intimacy issues between partners. 

Loss of smell and weight loss

Another effect of loss of smell, known as anosmia is weight loss. In a recent survey conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, it has been found that several people shed their weight drastically after losing their sensitivity to smell due to Covid infection

The survey report revealed that 55 percent of the participants had a loss of appetite after Covid infection, while 37 percent showed signs of weight loss. Medical experts believe that this sudden weight loss could be due to malnutrition induced by disrupted eating habits, ultimately triggered by the loss of smell.