Kerala, the southernmost state of India has been the hotbed of the Covid pandemic over the past few weeks, as the state continuously logged in thousands of fresh infections with a daily test positivity rate (TPR) above 15 percent. Amid looming scare, state government authorities are also ensuring a steady vaccination rollout. And now, a new analysis has suggested that at least 7.9 percent of the people who died due to Covid-related complications in September were vaccinated with both the shots. 

Asymptomatic cases on the rise in Kerala

The analysis also suggested that 73.98 percent were asymptomatic, while 52.7 percent of the people who got admitted to the hospitals in September were unvaccinated. 

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1,435 Covid-related deaths were reported in Kerala in the first four weeks of September. Out of this, 114 deaths occurred among people who have received both the shots of the coronavirus vaccine. 827 deaths were among people who are unvaccinated, while 378 of those who died had received only one dose of the Covid vaccine. 

Of the total number of deaths that happened in Kerala in September, 57.67 percent were unvaccinated, 26.3 percent were vaccinated with one dose of the vaccine, while 7.9 percent had received both the jabs. The result of this analysis report was submitted at the Covid review meeting. 

In-Patient admissions decreasing

The analysis report also noted that Covid-related in-patient admissions in the state are decreasing gradually, which indicates the fact that the pandemic has started waning. 52.7 percent of the in-patient admissions were people who are not vaccinated, while 13.1 percent IP admissions were people who are fully vaccinated

The crucial R factor in the state is also different in various districts. The overall R factor in the state in the fourth week of September is 0.94 percent which is a very good sign. However, the R factor is above one percent in districts like Kottayam, Ernakulam, and Idukki.