Sonu Sood may be a villain on screen, but he is widely considered a humanitarian among his fans, as the actor was largely included in philanthropic work during the Covid pandemic. After the Covid outbreak in India, Sonu Sood had helped thousands of people to reach their hometown and help them with medicines and other necessities. Recently, the Income Tax (IT) department conducted raids at the properties of the actor. 

Income Tax department suspects misappropriation of funds

After the raid, the Income Tax department alleged that the actor has evaded a tax amount of over Rs 20 crore. The IT department also added that Sonu Sood had received Rs 18 crore through his foundation, but has spent only 1.9 crores until now. 

Sonu Sood

Responding to this allegation, Sonu Sood, on Saturday, said that it would hardly take a very little time to spend all this sum, as he is receiving thousands of requests every day. 

He also shared a screenshot of his email account that shows more than 50,000 emails in his inbox. 

Sonu Sood's statement after the raid

After the raid on his properties, Sonu Sood had issued a statement and has made it clear that money in his foundation will reach the right hand. 

"Every rupee in my foundation is awaiting its turn to save a precious life and reach the needy. In addition, on many occasions, I have encouraged brands to donate my endorsement fees for humanitarian causes too, which keeps us going. I have been busy attending to a few guests hence was unable to be at your service, for the last 4 days. Here I am back again in all humility. At your humble service for life," tweeted Sood.