With the health authorities going door to door to expedite Covid-19 vaccination and achieve 100 per cent target in Telangana by the end of December, incidents of vaccine hesitancy are coming to light.

In one such incident in Telangana's Sangareddy district on Tuesday, a man climbed on a tree to avoid vaccination. When the health workers reached the house of Ghousuddin at Rejinthal village in Nyalkal mandal of Sangareddy district, he refused to take the vaccine.

Though Ghousuddin's father Sardar Ali and other family members tried to persuade him to take the jab, the 33-year-old refused to budge. When the locals insisted, the man climbed on a tree. According to eye-witnesses, he sat on the tree for one hour and got down only after the health workers had left the place.

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In another incident in Sangareddy town, a group of residents refused to take the vaccine and even tried to attack the health employees who were going door to door to administer the doses.

Some people in the Nalsabgadda area raised objection to the visit by the team of health workers and refused to take the vaccine. They entered into an argument with the officials and asked if it was compulsory to take the vaccine.

This led to tension in the area. The health staff informed the police that a man tried to attack them. They also staged a protest demanding action against him. A police officer who rushed there said a case would be registered if the health employees lodge a written complaint. The police officer later succeeded in persuading the residents to take the vaccine.

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The health workers are going door to door across the state to ensure 100 per cent vaccination. Since 51 per cent of the eligible people have not taken the second dose despite completing the gap time between two doses, the department is trying to administer the dose by going to their doorsteps.

According to the director of public health, out of 2.77 crore targeted population, 2.58 crore (93 per cent) have taken the first dose. Only 1.37 crore (49 per cent) have taken the second dose.

Of the 33 districts, the percentage of eligible people who have taken the second dose is 40 or less in 16 districts. Kumaram Bheem district has the lowest percentage (16) of people who have taken the second dose. Only 19 per cent have received the second dose in Vikarabad and Jogu Lamba Gadwal districts.

Airport Screening

Apart from the vaccination drive, the screening of passengers at Hyderabad International Airport has been tightened for those arriving from 11 at-risk countries in view of the growing Omicron concerns threat.

Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia informed Parliament last week that 11 countries -- the UK, South Africa, Brazil, Botswana, China, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Israel -- have been placed in the 'at-risk' category.

Hyderabad International Airport has 12 flights in a week from at-risk nations. British Airways operates three weekly direct flights while Air India operates two weekly direct flights to London. Singapore Airlines operates thrice a week while Scoot operates four weekly direct flights to Singapore.

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GHIAL has set up dedicated Covid-19 testing booths at the international arrival hall pre-immigration. Thermal scanners have been installed at all arrival gates. All passengers must go through the thermal screening process upon arrival.

For ease and convenience of passengers who have to undergo RT-PCR / Rapid PCR, adequate communication literature is enabled across the terminal. Appropriate signages are placed at strategic locations to guide passengers, GHIAL said.