Guess what has become the talk of the town amid the contagion scare? In Bihar's capital Patna, a couple has got their marriage solemnized through a video conferencing. A clip of the bizarre marriage has been spreading viral across the internet.

Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, people have been asked to avoid large public gatherings and not to leave their homes.

Bihar marriage

It is under this scenario that the bride and groom hailing from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh respectively agreed to tie their wedding knot through such an innovative way.

Video trends in no time

The video of their wedding ceremony was shared by ANI with the caption, "#Watch Bihar: 'Nikah' of a couple was performed through video conferencing in Patna yesterday, amid the lockdown in the state due to #Covid19."

The wedding bells rang online as the nation continues battling through the corona virus threat. The bride was in Patna, while the groom in Uttar Pradesh. The ceremony took place in the presence of relatives from both sides.

The 63-second video shows the bride's home. The video starts with the wedding officiator reading verses. A closer look at the video will help you see a television hanging on the wall which shows the visuals from the groom's side.

bihar marriage
bihar marriage

Soon, the wedding gets solemnised and people start hugging each other and you can very well hear them saying, 'Mubarak ho'. The bride is then brought in front of the television and the couple looks at each other for the first time after getting married. Truly innovative!

Time to follow the new methods to marry!

In many parts of Korea and other such countries that reported high number of corona virus cases, had their marriages conducted with the couples come wearing face masks along with their wedding dresses.

A lot of similar cases of marriage via video call have also come forward in other parts of the world as well. Due to the spread of the novel corona virus, a couple from Singapore, who had their return from China, therefore, reportedly attended their wedding reception via video call in February.

marriage at the times of corona
marriage at the times of corona

With the Prime Minister's recent address to the people, the whole of India is under lockdown now. Corona virus cases crossed 500 in India on Tuesday.

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