As the novel coronavirus is continuing its killing spree all across the world, medical experts and scientists are trying hard to find an effective vaccine to contain this pandemic. Amid uncertainties over vaccine development, an Oxford University professor has now revealed that coronavirus vaccine human trials will be completed as soon as mid-August.

COVID-19 vaccine testing underway

Professor John Bell made these remarks while talking on BBC's Today Program. During the talk, Bell revealed that human testing on a coronavirus vaccine is now underway, and it will be completed by mid-August 2020. Bell also talked about the reason why the vaccine will be ready only in August.

coronavirus vaccine
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"The real question is, will it have efficacy? Will it protect people? And that has not been tested and it will only be tested once you have vaccinated a significant number of people and exposed them to the virus and counted how many people have got the virus in that population. So, we can't even get a signal for that until May. But if things go on the course and it does have efficacy, then I think it is reasonable to think that they would be able to complete their trial by mid-August," said Bell, reports.

The medical expert also claimed that this vaccine which is currently in its testing phase should be produced on a large scale to contain the coronavirus effectively and to prevent a future outbreak.

Is hydroxychloroquine not effective in treating coronavirus?

Recently, a new study conducted by a team of French researchers had found that hydroxychloroquine is not effective in treating coronavirus patients, instead, it increased the risk of heart complications among users.

It should be noted that US President Donald Trump had called hydroxychloroquine a game-changer drug to treat COVID-19, due to his requests, India, the largest producer of this drug in the world had lifted the ban on the export of the medicine to the US.