The fears of the novel coronavirus outbreak turning into a global pandemic are greater than ever. Even though WHO is yet to declare it as a global pandemic, the disease has continued to spread across 73 countries. Currently, the report states that there are over 90,000 confirmed cases of people infected with the disease and over 3,100 deaths, 172 out of those occurred outside of mainland China, the epicentre of the outbreak. Despite the virus' rapid spread across multiple countries and territories, its effect on human health is currently unknown.

Besides severely affected human health, COVID-19 has also affected several global supply chains and consumer demand.

Currently, we aren't sure how much of an impact coronavirus can have on the whole nature of businesses, one sector of the economy that is already dealing with the massive impact is the tech industry. This has resulted in many tech companies, including Apple, Microsoft, OnePlus restricting travel plans, cancelling large gatherings, postponement of conferences and as well as cancellation of scheduled events.

List of all global cancelled events

So, we decided to compile a list of all the major global and local tech conferences that have been cancelled, postponed or resorted to an online-only means.

  • Adobe Summit (now online-only)
  • Aruba Networks Atmosphere 2020 (now online-only)
  • Atlassian Summit 2020 (now online-only)
  • Black Hat Asia 2020 (postponed)
  • Cisco Live Melbourne (cancelled)
  • Domopalooza (now online-only)
  • DocuSign Momentum (now online-only)
  • EmTech Asia (postponed)
  • F5 Agility 2020 (now online-only)
  • Facebook F8 (cancelled)
  • Facebook Global Marketing Summit (cancelled)
  • Game Developers Conference (GDC) (postponed)
  • Google Cloud Next (Apr. 6-8 in San Francisco) - (cancelled)
  • Google I/O (May 12-14 in Mountain View, Calif.) - (cancelled)
  • Google News Initiative Summit (Late Apr. in Sunnyvale, Calif.) - (cancelled)
  • Microsoft WSLConf (March 10-11 in Redmond) - (now online-only)
  • Microsoft MVP Global Summit (Mar. 15-20 in Bellevue & Redmond, Wash.) - (now online-only)
  • Mobile World Congress MWC Barcelona (Feb. 24-27 in Barcelona) - (cancelled)
  • Nvidia GTC - GPU Technology Conference (Mar. 22-26 in San Jose) - (cancelled)
  • O'Reilly Strata Data & AI Conference (Mar. 15-18, San Jose, Calif.) - Postponed; Merged with Strata Data & AI (Sep. 14–17)
  • Oktane Live - (Mar. 30-Apr. 2) - (now online-only)
  • Paris Blockchain Week Summit (Mar. 31-Apr. 1 in Paris) - (postponed)
  • RSA Conference (Feb. 24-28 in San Francisco) - Held as planned (IBM, AT&T, Verizon, and other vendors withdrew)
  • Salesforce World Tour Sydney (Mar. 4 in Sydney) - (now online-only)
  • Shopify Unite 2020 developers conference (May 6-8 in Toronto) - (now online-only)
  • TNW Conference (Jun, 18-19 in Amsterdam) - (Postponed)