Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that an advanced alien civilization has inhabited the moon and space agencies like NASA and ESA are aware of their existence. Adding fuel to the fire, a conspiracy theory YouTube channel named 'Disclose Screen The Grimreefar' has released a mindblowing video that shows a structure very similar to a UFO parked in a lunar crater.

In the video, the conspiracy theorist revealed that the UFO was spotted from a lunar image captured by the Apollo 15 of NASA. Upon closer analysis, the alleged flying object looked very similar to the alien space ships that we have seen in Hollywood sci-fi films.

The video uploaded by the conspiracy theory channel soon went viral and has already racked up thousands of views on YouTube. After watching the video, viewers of the conspiracy theory channel started arguing that this UFO-like structure is authentic proof of alien existence on the moon.

Some other conspiracy theorists argued that NASA has never landed on the moon and the strange object on the lunar surface is an indication that this clip has been shot in a Hollywood movie set here on the earth.

In March, conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Mavixxx' had released a video that showed multiple UFOs flying between the earth and the moon. The YouTube channel revealed that the amazing catch was shot by a user named 'Fotohota' from Moscow, Russia.

"They are not near the moon because there is no shadow. They are between the Earth and the moon, but not far from the moon. Their sizes are not small," said the eyewitness.

A few days back, Chinese Chang'e-4 lunar probe had discovered a bizarre jelly-like substance on the dark side of the moon. Until now, no space scientist has succeeded in giving a proper explanation regarding the origin and nature of this substance.