Congress President Sonia Gandhi has approved the removal of Sanjay Jha as party spokesperson with immediate effect only days after Jha penned an article in a leading newspaper criticizing the Congress leadership. Jha, in the article, revealed the lack of robust internal mechanism within the party and said the Congress hasn't created an alternative white paper on governance.

With the removal of Jha as party spokesperson, Gandhi appointed Abhishek Dutt and Sadhna Bharti as national media panelists for the Congress party. "Hon'ble Congress President has also approved that Shri Sanjay Jha be dropped as AICC Spokesperson with immediate effect," an official statement from Congress said.

congress leader sanjay jha
Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha.

Jha criticizing Congress leadership

"It is a false claim that there exists a robust internal democratic process that listens to individual voices, and more importantly, is continuously focused on party renewal, political strategy, tactical warfare, leadership development and resuscitation starting at the grassroots, the erstwhile USP of the Congress," Jha said in an article.

Jha further pointed out that Congress doesn't have an alternative white paper on country's governance even as Modi-led BJP appears "clueless" handling the COVID-19 crisis in the country, which has affected people from all walks of life, especially the migrants.

Sonia Gandhi Rahul Gandhi
UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi (left) and Rahul Gandhi.Reuters

Jha also said that no effort is being made by the Congress leadership to revive the party and was baffled by the party's careless approach towards its "political obsolescence."

"There are many in the party who cannot comprehend this perceptible listlessness. For someone like me, for instance, permanently wedded to Gandhian philosophy and Nehruvian outlook that defines the Congress, it is dismaying to see its painful disintegration" Jha's article read.