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As the election result dates are nearing there is a strong sense of grim objection towards the ruling coalition of Congress and Janata Dal-Secular in Karnataka, according to the exit poll predictions.

The constant unrest among the coalition partners in the state has often led to a disagreement between the parties with both the party workers supporting their leaders rather than focusing on the partnership to gain the majority.

The Congress was successful during last year's assembly elections to keep the Bharatiya Janata Party at bay by keeping an alliance with the JD(S). However, the fortunes have been more befitting for the BJP due to their immense popularity which is gaining more followers every day.

A miscellaneous look on the polls shows that out of 13 exit polls for the 28 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka the Congress-JD(S) alliance will only gather 9 seats whereas the BJP will grab 19 seats.

According to the India Today Axis poll, the saffron party will win between 21-25 seats and the coalition partners will have 3 and 5 seats.

The News18 IPSOS polls predicted the BJP win 20-23 seats with a vote share of 54.47% and the UPA will wrest 5-8 seats with 41.85% of the votes.

The Republic C- Voter survey has predicted 18 seats for the NDA followed by 9 seats for UPA and the ABP-Nielsen survey predicts 15 seats for NDA and 13 for UPA.

Although the exit poll figures are not always true, there is a lot of disgruntled party leaders in Congress who have given up on favouring the party and has joined the saffron politics. And with the looming differences between both the parties can topple the coalition government led by HD Kumaraswamy.

With a major fracture for the Congress in 2017 elections after the party only won 9 seats and JD(S) only 2, while the BJP garnered 17 seats in Karnataka marking a major victory for the saffron party.

While the Congress-JD(S) alliance has pushed the major factors affecting the state like farmers issues, water and unemployment the BJP has played well with its nationalistic emotions and growing popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the NDA government which has promised of a stable government.

However, the end result can be seen on May 23 after the poll results get announced. The results will determine the future of the alliance partners and the saffron party who has been fighting inch-to-inch in the poll battle.