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Tony Spera, a popular demonologist and paranormal expert has revealed that ghosts do exist in this physical world. In a recent talk with the Fox News, Spera revealed that a human being has both a body and a spirit. As per Spera, the body will be deteriorated soon after the death, but the spirit will stay intact.

Spera revealed that upon death the spirit will be drawn towards a light. Some spirits will accept the light and will start the eternal journey to heaven, while some others refuse to go and will stay on the earth. The demonologist also added that spirits have the capability to scare human beings.

"If you die, the body will wither away but you, as a spirit, will continue moving on. Everybody is offered the light and it is up to you to decide whether you are going to the light. If you are a good person you are going to be offered the light and that light leads you to God and to heaven," said Tony Spera.

Spera also revealed that people who get killed instantaneously might be mostly roaming on the earth as a spirit because they will be in a confused state.

"There are people who maybe were tragically killed or murdered instantaneously, for instance, 9/11 where the planes went into the building, instantly gone. You're not even aware that they are dead. And they are in a confused state and they roam the earth looking for their house, looking for their relatives or whatever," added Spera, reports.

Interestingly, the concept of drawing towards 'light' put forward by Tony Spera falls in light with several near-death experience victims who shared similar feeling during times of clinical death. Most of the near-death experience victims have revealed that they have seen a bright light and a have felt a state of calmness during life-threatening events.

However, as per medical experts, it is the survival technique of brain during times of less oxygen supply which is resulting in these visual hallucinations.