The numerous reports of human rights violations by security forces, illegal mining and the severe lack of infrastructure and development in tribal areas have been a reality, but many argue on the definition of development and that the tribals are best left alone.

International Business Times India took a journey into the Naxal infested region, delving into the interiors of Bastar to have a look at the deployments of Bastar Police in the region and how operations were carried out in the dense jungles. Ours became the first media crew to get exclusive access to the newly established camp of Bastar Police in Koleng.

Combatting Naxalism in Bastar
Combatting Naxalism in BastarIBT Media

Usually, most journalists tell the story of the tribals and the Naxals but not many speak about the other side. The men of our security forces and the work they do and how they deal with the Naxals to stop the spread of terror. The recent incidents of Naxal violence and the damage they inflicted upon the security forces has been considerable, but despite such odds in Bastar, it appears that the forces now have it under control.

Watch our documentary (above) to find out more about these brave soldiers, and their journey.