Photo by Gwendal Cottin on Unsplash

On Thursday, the Bengaluru Police announced that a gang of Colombian nationals had been robbing and conducted burglaries around the city, with over 31 instances recorded under their name. It was after a series of interrogations since March when the police had nabbed the burglars, that their involvement in the burglaries came to light.

The three Colombians, two men and one woman were professionally trained in parkour, the police released a statement regarding them. Over the last few months, their series of crimes have come to light.

Parkour helps Colombian nationals break into houses

The police enlisted a Kannada-Spanish translator to help interrogate the three Colombians. William Padilla Martinez (48), Christian Yeinis Navarro Olarte (34) and Liedy Stefania Munoz Monsalye (23) were the culprits. 

The three came into India in September 2019 on tourist visas from Nepal. The police found that these three were associated with two other burglars Gustavo Adolfo and Jaramillo Giraldo who were both arrested two years ago.

The Bengaluru police released a statement saying, "Gold worth Rs 2.58 crore, nine mm browning pistol and 23 live bullets, two motorcycles were recovered from their possession. On interrogation, they confessed that they burgled 31 houses and wanted to carry out a bank heist." The three accused can scale walls as high as 15 feet. Among the tools they used were —mobile jammer, pepper spray, knife, drill bit machine, solder, head torch, flame gun, and more.

They were caught on CCTV footage where they were attempting a burglary on Manyata Tech Park. Stefania would check whether the houses were empty, and then the three would proceed. Their list of burglaries include forme Karnataka Chief Secretary Kaushik Mukharjee's house.