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Several previous study reports had proved the health benefits associated with the usage of coconut oil. Now, a study report published in the Journal of Association of Physicians has suggested the capability of coconut oil in fighting microbes. The study report also hints at the benefits of using coconut oil in fighting coronavirus, which is currently wreaking havoc in all nooks of the world.

Usage of coconut oil among Keralites

In Kerala, coconut oil is being widely used in food making, and people in this southern state also used to apply it externally in skin and hair. Dr Shashank Joshi, one of the lead authors of this study report suggested that the usage of coconut oil might be helping Keralites to fight coronavirus effectively when compared to people in other states of India.

In a recent interaction with the Times of India, Shashank Joshi revealed that coconut oil contains a high amount of lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid that can be easily synthesized by the human body.

"While COVID-19 was not the main reason for conducting this review on coconut oil, it is a fact that Keralites who consume lots of coconut oil, have managed to fight coronavirus outbreak as well," said Shashank Joshi.

Skeptics up in arms

However, several medical experts are not convinced regarding the ability of coconut oil to fight against coronavirus. According to these skeptics, more studies should be done to determine whether the human body will absorb all anti-microbial chemicals from coconut oil.

A few days back, Shanmuga Subramanian, a techie from Chennai who found the debris of Indian Space Research Organisation's Vikram Lander on the moon had sensationally claimed that neem leaves are capable to slow down the spread of coronavirus. The techie also urged the Indian government to conduct more research that will substantiate the role of neem in containing coronavirus. 

Amid all these debates, the number of coronavirus cases in India has been increasing drastically in the past few weeks. As per the latest statistics, the number of COVID-19 positive cases in India has risen to 699,402, while the death toll is nearing 20,000. In Kerala, more than 2,700 people are currently availing treatment for coronavirus.