Bengaluru doctor Taha Mateen
Bengaluru doctor Taha Mateen addressed from the ICU of HBS Hospital in Shivajinagar.

In the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic, thousands of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are working around the clock to treat patients who have been infected with the deadly virus.

Apart from facing gruelling conditions and long working hours, the frontline warriors suffer the most as they face higher risks of getting infected by the virus themselves. Coronavirus has now infected more than 11,435,590 and killed 534,526 people worldwide.

Amid growing concerns of Covid-19, the medical staff across India have reported insufficient medical equipment to treat people infected with the virus. However, there is one hospital in Bengaluru which has plenty of beds, oxygen beds, ventilators, and all other equipment but no doctors.

Bengaluru doctor appeals to other doctors to join him

In a viral video that has been doing the rounds on the internet, a Bengaluru doctor made an intense appeal to his fellow doctors to join him and his colleague to treat the coronavirus patients at the HBS hospital in Shivajinagar.

The caption of the video read: Doctors and Nursing Staff required. IMMEDIATELY Contact Dr Shariq 9986024862.

The video that has been viewed over 5,000 times says: "I speak from the ICU of HBS Hospital. It's been a virtual bloodbath. I came this morning at like 7:30 in the morning and its 12'o'clock midnight right now. Patients are continuously calling me now because their fathers are breathless, their brothers are breathless and they cannot find a room in Bengaluru and at this time if you see me, there is one Mr Shiva here and me. There is no other doctor willing to work in this hospital. I have beds, I have oxygen beds, I have ventilators, I have everything, I have all the equipment. I have another 30 beds like this but I don't have doctors working here. I find them all on WhatsApp. I need 6 hours of your time in a day. Please this is my fervent request. This is the time to show that we care. Sometimes the army is in the frontline, sometimes the fire people are in the frontline, sometimes the police is in the frontline. Right now, you and I, my fellow doctors, are in the frontline, let us show that we care for humanity here. This is somebody, mother, somebody's father, somebody's brother. Are we going to help, are we going to stand up? Let us show that we care.....let's work for this moment" says Dr Taha Mateen in the video with his hands folded.

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