Sumalatha.PR Handout

Actress Sumalatha Ambareesh, who is contesting the Lok Sabha elections 2019 from Mandya constituency, revealed that the JD(S) has planned to morph her photos and videos and release them on the social media.

Actor Nikhil, the grandson of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, is contesting Lok Sabha elections in Mandya. His father, Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy is leaving no stone unturned to make victorious in his first attempt. It is no more a secret that he has stooped very low in his attempt to defeat late actor-turned-politician Ambareesh's wife Sumalatha, an independent candidate.

It is said that HD Kumaraswamy made Sumalatha appear in the 20th place in the candidates' list. He brought in three independent candidates with the name of Sumalatha in this contest. He has got one of these three Sumalathas to make up to look like Sumalatha Ambareesh. These attempts were meant to confuse the voters, but these cheap tricks do not seem to be working during the elections.

Hence, HD Kumaraswamy apparently thought of stoop low even further for his son Nikhil's future in politics. Sumalatha Ambareesh made a shocking revelation about his another chief trick during an election campaign in Kalenahalli, Srirangapattana on Tuesday. Talking to the actress said, "I don't know if I should speak about it now or not."

Sumalatha said that JD(S) is plotting to malign her reputation. "A JD(S) leader told me that the party is planning to morph my photo to its benefit. They are also planning to post details of my personal life on social media. People might see my morphed images and videos in the coming days," added the actress.

The actress also claimed that the party leaders have approached the workers at her residence. "They enquired my workers about any illicit affair happened in the past. They urged them to reveal it before media. They asked them to negative things about Sumalatha and they will get suitable reward in turn," said Sumalatha.

The actress also added, "The JD(S) has contacted two of our boys who work for our social media accounts and directed them what to do. In return, the party has assured to pay them Rs 15 Lakh cash and a site in Bangalore. They also told them to stay in Dubai until the dust settles. These are the ways the JD(S) leaders are targeting me."

But JD(S) leader Puttaraju denied her charges. "We are not in a pathetic condition that we have to resort to such tactics. If Sumalatha has not done anything wrong then why is she so scared? I don't know why she is so depressed. The people of Mandya will make their decision clear on April 18 and we will win," he said.