Clash Royale will receive a new update on January 13.Supercell

Clash Royale, the freemium mash-up between tower defence and collectible card game from developer Supercell, has revealed a Sneak Peek of the upcoming January update. And they look interesting.

The January update is all set to enthral Clash Royale players with exiting new updates on January 13 2017. Here is what the developer has revealed on its official Twitter account for Sneak Peek into the January update for Clash Royale:

Sneak Peek #1 - New Arena
The January update for Clash Royale will include Jungle as the new Arena. Jungle Arena will be unlocking 2,600 Trophies. Going by the image, the Arena looks all decked up with thick foliage and fireflies. New background music will also be included here.

Sneak Peek #2 - Four New Cards
The game will get four new cards that players will be able to surprise their opponents with. Among the four, Supercell has revealed the name of the first one — Dart Goblin. Each card would be released every two weeks, starting January 13. The other three are Executioner, Battle Ram and Goblin Gang.

Dart Goblin – Dubbed poor man's Princess, this has the range of Royal Giant. He moves and attacks fast. He has the same health as Princess, but can wreak more damage than Princess. He hits single target at a time.

Executioner – He can wipe out Skeletons/Goblins/Minions with relative ease. He uses his axe like a boomerang, damaging the targets twice. He will be able to survive Lightning and any other spells. He has the range and movement speed of the Wizard but slower attack rate and damage per second.

Battle Ram – It is a ground troop that charges like Prince/Dark Prince. Further, it picks speed as it sprints and deals double damage on its targets. But Battle Ram only targets buildings like Inferno Tower/Tombstone/Furnace. After hitting its target or being taken down, it is be able to spawn 2 Barbarians immediately.

Goblin Gang – This card will be able to spawns 6 Goblins — 3 Spears and 3 Knives. They will deal some quick damage, with Spear Goblins supporting from behind.

Sneak Peek #3 – Donate Epic Cards on Sunday
Players of Clash Royale can request and donate their Epic Cards on Sunday after the January update. This can be done for half the price of Epics in the Shop and possibility of Epic Chests giving out more cards.

Meanwhile, Supercell has also hinted at Spells in the game killing the Troops.

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