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Supercell, the developer behind "Clash Royale," the freemium mash-up between tower defence and collectible card game, is expected to receive a new August update on Aug. 24, which is expected to bring several balance changes to the game.

These card balances that Supercell wants to bring are based on card rate usage and win rates of players.

The August update promises balance changes to Royal Giant and other Legendary Cards.

Supercell introduced a similar update in July that brought in several changes.

Here are the changes that we will see in the game:

Royal Giant's hit speed decreased from 1.5 seconds to 1.7 seconds â€“ Supercell felt Giant is too strong and is easy to use offensive option. The new changes will make it easier for defenders to deal with him. Moreover his first attack will be slower than before.

Zap's stun duration decreased for 1 second to 0.5 seconds â€“ The company wanted to cut down zap as it is highly used in all levels of play.

Princess's Area Damage radius decreased by 25 percent - This is to make players rely on her for clearing up all the things.

Ice Wizard's Hit Points decreased by 5 percent - This is to make Ice Wizard effective from back but will be less valuable when in the middle of action.

Miner's Deploy Time increased to 1sec (from 0.7sec) and Hitpoints decreased by 6 percent - The company noted that it will fix the unintentional change in Deploy Time issue.

Baby Dragon's Hit Speed increased to 1.6sec (from 1.8sec) â€“ The Baby Dragon will now attack faster and its first attack is quicker.

Dark Prince's Damage increased by 7.5 percent - A damage buff will make Dark Prince a viable alternative for both defence and offence.

Bowler's Elixir cost decreased to 5 (from 6), Hitpoints decreased by 7 percent, Damage decreased by 10%

Lumberjack's Speed increased to Very Fast (from Fast), Hit Speed increased to 0.7sec (from 1.1sec), Damage decreased by 23 percent

The Log's Cast time decreased by 66 percent, travel speed increased by 20 percent

Golem: Hit and Death Damage increased by 5 percent, Hitpoints increased by 1 percent- This is to make Golem at 8 Elixir more viable.

Golemite: Hit and Death Damage increased by 8 percent, Hitpoints increased by 3.2 percent

P.E.K.K.A's Damage increased by 5 percent - P.E.K.K.A has a lower use rate and the increase in damage might help players.

Tombstone's Spawn Speed increased to 2.5sec (from 2.9sec) â€“ This might increase the usage of Tombstone for both defence and offence.

Archers's Damage increased by 2 percent - This was increased to fix an inconsistency with the Archers vs. Goblins interaction at certain levels.

Prince's Damage increased by 2 percent - This was increased to fix an inconsistency with the Prince vs. Barbarians interaction at certain levels.