"Clash Royale," the freemium mash-up between tower defence and collectible card game from Supercell, received a new July update to the game that brought several new features like tournaments, new Cards, Frozen Peak Arena, Legendaries and more. The update for "Clash Royale" was released on July 4.

Following the release of the new update, players have found some easy ways to get the free gems. Here is a one such tip to get 500 free gems after the July update shared by Reddit user, Chieflssam.

Create a tournament, set a very hard password to assure nobody joins, collect 500 gems from achievements, wait until tournament is done and get your 500 gems you spent on creating the tournament refunded.

However, the tournament requires another person to play and so another Reddit user suggested this:

Make an alt account, join the tourney, battle and win on your main account, finish tourney and take rewards on your main, get achievement + awards for your gems. Profit.

Meanwhile, the new update released a new feature called tournaments that allows geographically nearby players to battle for Tournament Trophies.

Here is a guide and some tips from a Reddit user, supyonamesjosh, who had access to early build:

  • If you are comfortably above the goal area with little time left, and it doesn't look like you are in the top three, a good strategy may be to stop playing. For the first 100 cups the loser loses less than the winner wins, but above that it works exactly the same as in ranked play. That means standing pat at your current tournament level could be a good strategy. If you are sitting comfortably in sixth and you are over 100 away from both eleventh place and third place with 15 minutes left. I would stop playing completely and monitor how the people around you are doing. Aim for your goal zone.
  • Because of the long chest timers, and the great value of tournaments, I would seriously consider stopping all gem purchases for F2P players. From now on, I would always have a gem reserve available to gem a tourney chest if a huge tournament rolls up. You don't want to miss a 100,000 gem tournament because you are unlocking your tourney chest from the day before.
  • Initially you should assume that everyone is using battle decks despite the level caps, but understand that may change in the future. I anticipate the tournament meta to be drastically different from the high Arena 7(8?) low legend arena meta that many of you may be familiar with, however, I assume most players will not be nearly close enough to tournament level with many of their unused cards to account for this. At this point I would assume everyone will roll in with their battle decks, but carefully pay attention to what other people are using. Things could change considerably in the future.

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