ranjan gogoi
Chief Justice of India Ranjan GogoiANI

The Chief Justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi, has said that judges will not be allowed to take leave during workdays so that they can tackle the crore pending cases. However, judges can take leave if there is an emergency.

He went on to say that chief justices of high courts will deal a strict hand to judges who don't follow the new rule and that their judicial work will be discontinued, reports TOI.

Gogoi also discouraged the judges from attending seminars or official engagements during the court's workdays.

According to reports, there are approximately 55,000 pending cases in the Supreme Court, 32.4 lakh cases spread across 24 high courts and 2.77 crore cases in subordinate courts.

Gogoi has also discouraged vacation during the period when the courts are working. He said that they will have to plan vacations much in advance and coordinate with their peers before leaving.

Apart from cancelling leaves, Gogoi has also directed senior judges to fill up vacancies in the court to tackle pendency.