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Cinderella diet, which reportedly originated from Japan, is gaining immense popularity not just in the East Asian country but other places as well. As the name suggests, the diet plan aims at giving a slender figure just like the fictional princess from Disney.

Meanwhile, people following the diet are becoming victims of skinny-shaming, as per reports.

However, social media users are divided over the Cinderella diet. While some say it is ridiculous and unhealthy, a few others are of the opinion that it does not always trigger malnourishment.

Defending the new diet fad, a user was quoted by Japan Today as saying: "My live-in-girlfriend weighs exactly her Cinderella weight, eating the same things and leading the same lifestyle that I do, and she's perfectly healthy."

"I'm not trying to diet, but I'm lighter than my Cinderella weight, and when I have my physical the doctors tell me I'm in fine health. I don't look morbidly thin either," said another user.

So, why are people voicing their displeasure about the dietary regime? Because the weight suggested by the Cinderella diet is much lower than that recommended by the Japan Medical Association.

To find out their 'Cinderella weight', people need to square their height in meters and then multiply the result by 18.

The Cinderella weight also aims for a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 18, which is 'too low' according to experts.

People, looking to shed some weight should always approach a proper dietician. Crash diets might give results quickly, but come with a lot of side effects like nutrition deficiency, loss of immunity, heart palpitations and cardiac stress, according to CNN.

Fox News in a recent report stated that a food blogger confessed that she almost died after becoming obsessed with exercise and eating so-called superfoods.

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