YouTube: UFOmania

On February 8 a local resident living in California, United States was pulled to a state of shock as he witnessed a cigar-shaped UFO hovering in the skies. The incident was captured in broad daylight in Lompoc, CA by the eyewitness and he soon submitted the eerie clip to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

In the video, a massive cigar-shaped object was seen hovering above a mountain and it was moving very slowly across the skies. The clip gained massive popularity after it was shared by popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFOmania'.

After watching the video, most of the viewers lauded the YouTube channel for exposing the video in front of the public and these people stated that this sighting is authentic proof of extraterrestrial existence. As per these alien enthusiasts, extraterrestrial beings from deep space used to visit the earth for many years and a recent elevation in UFO sightings indicate that they are gearing up for disclosure.

Some other people argued that Donald Trump's space force is already operational in the skies. 

However, sceptics dismissed the alien angle put forward by conspiracy theorists. According to them, the object spotted by the local resident is nothing but a blimp. Sceptics also added that blimps, which are basically a barrage balloon, are quite common in California.

"It was a blimp. A dirigible. I saw it too, looking south from Orcutt," commented Oldrn Dirt, a YouTube user.

"Hey young folks, that's called a Blimp," commented Dublion 7, another YouTuber.

This is not the first time that a blimp is getting misunderstood as an alien UFO. A few months back, another conspiracy theory channel 'The Hidden Underbelly' uploaded a video that shows a cylindrical UFO hovering in Mississippi. However, after analyzing the video, experts clarified that the flying object was actually a blimp used for advertisements.