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The Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Khan has reportedly filed a complaint with the police (she lives in the UK) against a vicious troll which has reportedly created fake prostitute profiles using her pictures.

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The Playboy bombshell has been battling with a stranger for quite a long period, who is based out of Dubai and has set up a sex worker website using the photographs of Chloe Khan and her name as well.

One of her close pals told The Sun online: "Chloe is devastated about these fake profiles surfacing just weeks after she was forced to deny working as an escort in France."

"She works as a webcam model, not a prostitute, and it's frustrating for her thinking that people confuse the two."

Chloe Mafia of Wakefield is said to have made millions from her webcam work, and from managing a team of other girls who perform raunchy shows for £4-a-minute.

The friend of hers also said: "Behind the scenes, Chloe has had to deal with a lot of problems and personal attacks from trolls."

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In an Instagram post, she opened up about the harassment, saying: "As some of you already know I have a very severe stalking issue and this person has tried to make me look terrible online.

They spend what seems like 24/7 making fake profiles on Instagram and various websites. They are now DM everyone on my page chatting s**t so I'm just putting it out there so It's out of my mind."

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As the alleged stalker is based out of Dubai, so Chloe took the effort of explaining to her followers why she has been spending so much time in Dubai lately: "I'm glad I get to put this out here now because I wanted to let you guys know anyway the reason I am spending my time in Dubai now is because my man lives there and I will be spending a lot more time there now."

The mother of one also added, "This stalker is not limited to online. I haven't felt safe in my own home, my car has been tampered with, and I try not to go out alone at the min."

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