Sandalwood is devastated over the death of Chiranjeevi Sarja. The actor, aged 39, died after suffering a massive heart attack on Sunday, 7 June, leaving fans in a state of a shock. He was laid to rest at Dhruva Sarja's farmhouse in the Kankapura road on Tuesday, 8 June.

Chiranjeevi Sarja
Chiranjeevi Sarja's funeral was performed at Dhruva Sarja's farmhouse.PR Handout

Thousands of people paid tribute to the deceased. Stars like Shivaraj Kumar, Ravichandran, Puneeth Rajkumar, Upendra, Yash, Kiccha Sudeep, Darshan, Tara, Sudharani, Duniya Vijay, Prajwal Devaraj and many others paid their tribute at his Basavanagudi residence.

Social Distancing Norms Flouted
 However, the social distancing norms were floated here. Although most of the celebs had masks, they did not cover their face with it. Even commoners had hardly sported it to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The cops too had difficult in controlling the crowd and it looked like they were also tired of advising people to wear the masks.

Once the body was shifted to the farmhouse, there too the social distancing norms were floated. The big names of Sandalwood like Sudeep, Puneeth Rajkumar, Upendra, Darshan, producers Rockline Venkatesh, K Manju and most of the senior members from the film industry skipped the funeral rites.

However, youngsters like Duniya Vijay, Prajwal Devaraj, Ninasam Sathish, Vasishta Simha and others, who attended the final rites. failed to follow the social distancing norms and did not to wear the masks. People on social media noticed it and wondered how the permission was given for the large gathering.

Chiranjeevi Sarja's Funeral
A screen shot taken from a video of Chiranjeevi Sarja's funeral.YouTube

Rising Number of COVID-19 Cases
Despite the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Karnataka and especially in Bengaluru, the body was kept for public homage for more than 15 hours and his final rites were completed a day after his death which raised the eyebrows of people.

Jyothi: #DarshanThoogudeepa Today you had an opportunity to set an example to be a responsible citizen, by maintaining social distancing. #BlrCityPolice- Failed to act
RIP Chiranjeevi Sarja

manjesh k: Are you watching the TV news , sorry to know about the death of Sri Sarja , but what's happening to social distancing, mumbai was a great example when Rishi Kapoor passed away. Are the rules apply only to the common man.

In fact, Bollywood had behaved responsibly when the stars like Rishi Kapoor died during the lockdown period, but the Sandalwood has failed to lead by an example.