Technology is now changing the way in which humans lived, and now, advancements in technology are reshaping the way in which we loved. 

In a strange incident, a Chinese man has invented a kissing device which allows humans to kiss virtually. 


Jiang Zhongli made this invention after he felt loneliness in his long-distant relationship. 

In his relationship, Zhongli's sole means of communication were phone calls because of the distance.

As loneliness and the lack of physical intimacy loomed, Zhongli developed a novel strategy to deal with the difficulties experienced by long-distance couples. 

He soon created a digital device that would enable partners to share digitally personal moments. 

With the help of a university in Changzhou, China, Zhongli developed this so-called "kissing device", equipped with sensors, actuators, and "silicone lips" that can imitate the force, motion, seduction, and warmth of a user's lips.

A report published in the Chinese-based newspaper Global Times suggested that this device can actually stimulate a real kiss

The invention of this new device has gone viral on the internet, and distant couples are now praising the Chinese man for developing such a gadget which could stimulate their love life. 

However, some other social media users have started this device vulgar, as they believe that people may misuse this device by keeping other body parts on this device.