Top 10 Valentine's Day gifts for her

A Chinese man has set the bar high for boyfriends by giving his girlfriend a bouquet of 330,000 yuan or Rs. 35,70,000 on her birthday. Soon pictures of the lucky girl standing next to her expensive gift floored the social media.

International Business Time could not verify the authenticity of these pictures, photographs of her from a fancy hotel room in Chongqing, China but going by reports, the woman's birthday on May 16 and the hotel seen in the picture is reliably situated in Chongqing.

Seven employees from a flower shop helped to make the massive bouquet for 10 hours, reported The website also reported that a local representative of the People's Bank of China has accused the man of breaking the law and deliberately damaging China's currency value.

Leaving apart Chinese,  even Americans are fond of giving weird birthday gifts. A father from Tilton, New Hampshire recently gave his daughter Adrianna a 22-caliber Ruger gun on her fifth birthday. His logic is simple -- she can protect herself if her school is ever attacked.

"With school shootings becoming so common these last few years we both want her prepared and ready to defend herself if at all possible with a firearm," the father told Metro. "New Hampshire just passed a new concealed carry law that requires nothing more then a simple pistol permit to keep a gun anywhere including your purse and my daughter already wants a pistol holding purse," he said.