In the latest episode of NBC's "Chicago Fire" titled "Your Day is Coming," it seems a new tragedy is heading towards the team.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Gabriela Dawson, who is pregnant, will be facing a life and death situation after an accident that could cost her and her baby's life.

Even though having problems of his own, Matthew is always beside her to support her. While rushing her to the hospital, Matthew whispers, "You are going to be fine, both of you."

However, once she is in the operation theatre, Matthew overhears one of the doctors saying that if there is even a tiny wrong move, Dawson could die.

As Dawson had trouble previously with pre-term labours, her life is threatened and only a miracle can save her now.

The synopsis also mentions that Molly may return to the show. According to it, "One of 51's own needs the support of the entire house to recover from a near disaster. Meanwhile, Herrmann (David Eigenberg) has to figure out a way to reopen Molly's after it gets shut down and Severide (Taylor Kinney) digs deeper into the arson investigation, while struggling to cope with one of his toughest days yet."

Herrmann is trying his best to re-open Molly's shop after it was closed in the early episodes of Season 4. Also, it is crucial to open the shop which he co-owns with Dawson as it is a vital location for a number of cases and events they had organised there together.

Severide's continuous struggle will be also featured in the upcoming episode as he tries to fit in his new position at the squad after getting demoted by Chief Riddle. The demotion happened after the alarmingly high turnover rate in Firehouse 51's Rescue Squad 3.