In the previous episode of NBC's "Chicago Fire" season 4 titled "Your Day is Coming", it seemed after Dawson loses her baby, the members of Firehouse 51 decided to stop arguing with each other and worked together to help one of the team members.

According to a report by Design & Trend, while Boden was cleared of Arson charges, Firehouse 51 tried to deal with an elevator situation in a luxury hotel. The story mainly focused on Dawson and her baby, whom she lost at the end of the episode.

Besides, the entire team of Firehouse 51 brushed aside their opinions and united to help Dawson and Casey. After Dawson's water broke, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital while Casey remained by her side throughout and tried his best to calm her down.

However, despite Casey's desperate attempts to assure Dawson that nothing will happen to her, things didn't turn out to be good for both of them.

TV Fanatic mentioned that after Dawson and Casey's loss, Hermann delivered a speech that made Dawson more emotional. Hermann narrated his first-hand experience, when his wife Cindy went through a miscarriage once. However, they had a happy ending as Hermann had five kids afterwards.

Captain Patterson was also moved by Dawson's tragedy and he told the team that Firehouse 51 is a family and that if any member needs any sort of assistance ever, the team would do everything to help.

Elsewhere, Severide accused Jamie of telling Maddox about the evidence, but Jamie denied the allegations. It is still unclear who leaked the details of the evidence. An unknown person was seen to be hacking into the computer and transfer the data, but his identity has not been revealed yet.

It seems that after Dawson's return to the department, the team will be more determined to stay united and most probably the next episode will focus on their joint effort.