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Director Rahul Ravindran's Telugu movie Chi La Sow, featuring Sushanth and Ruhani Sharma in the lead roles, has received positive reviews and ratings from the audience.

Chi La Sow is a romantic comedy movie and actor Rahul Ravindran has made his debut as a director, writer of the dialogue, story and screenplay with this movie. It has jointly been produced by Jaswanth Nadipalli and Nagarjuna Akkineni. The movie has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.14 hours.

Chi La Sow story: Arjun (Sushanth) is a Salman fan and a Hanuman devotee, and much like his inspirations, wants to remain a bachelor for life. How his friends and mother force him to get married forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Chi La Sow has a simple and pleasant story and actor-turned-director Rahul Ravindran has written an engaging screenplay. Some romance and comedy scenes keep you engrossed in the narration of the story. The movie is slow and dragging parts, but you will still be engrossed in it, says the audience.

Performances: Sushanth and Ruhani Sharma have delivered good performances and the sparkling chemistry between the two is the highlight of Chi La Sow. Vennela Kishore, Anu Hassan, Rahul Ramakrishna, Sanjay Swaroop and Vidyullekha Raman have played supporting roles and they have done good jobs, says the audience.

Technical: Chi La Sow has good production values and M Sukumar's cinematography, Prashanth Vihari's music, Chota K Prasad's editing, Vinod Varma's art direction and Shravya Varma costume designing are the attractions on the technical front, say the viewers.

Chi La Sow movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see audience.

Revanth®‏ @revanthbandari7

Chi La Sow is a Sweet Rom Com. Very Nicely written and executed, i loved the 2nd half a lot.The Character of Anjali is so well Written and acted , you might get doubts why she reacts in few moments but by the end of the film you will completely understand #ChiLaSow

Gnanendrakumar‏ @Gnanaendrakumar

#ChiLaSow a film that took me through a journey of emotions,so happy we are able to be part of this beautiful story told by @23_rahulr ,Something that's definitely going to move the audience,going to be fun joining hands with @iamSushanthA , thank u Jaswanth for the association!

Depuri Karthik Puri‏ @PuRi_DePuRi

@iamSushanthA Just now watching completed #ChiLaSow movie simply superb @iamSushanthA anna gattiga kodatha ante ento anukunna chala gattiga katadu Movie simply amazing @vennelakishore comedy timing Overall my rating for #ChiLaSow movie is 4/5

B Abhishek‏ @maverix111

Surprisingly parvale ...found it better than that SamMehnam...emotional connect is nice in this ...heroine was good...whole movie takes place in a single night & driven by some unrealistic incidents but time pass, chaltha ..#ChiLaSow

Mohan Kumar‏ @ursmohan_kumar

Just watched #chilasow movie...what a movie so realistic....u nailed it @iamSushanthA garu...congratulations for the movie success@23_rahulr...wishing all the best for future projects...#chilasowonaud3rd #ChiLaSow – at Prasad's IMAX

Prashanth‏ @imprshnth

@23_rahulr You absolutely Nailed it bro....A #debut which gonna make some sound with no #doubt #ChiLaSow A much needed break for you @iamSushanthA hope your success streak continues from now...

Ravi Kiran‏ @Ravikrn36

@iRuhaniSharma #RuhaniSharma makes a sparkling debut and boy she impresses big time. For first-timer, she has emoted quite well and handled her complex role with a lot of responsibility. 3.5/5 #Blockbuster hit #ChiLaSow

Ram Bolla‏ @r_bolla

@iRuhaniSharma Congratulations on #ChiLaSow. You are here to stay in TFI for a long time! @iamSushanthA superb performance!Every actor needs a story right for him/her and you found your's. @vennelakishore I met you a few times but never spoke. My 11 old is now ur fan.

Ranadheesh‏ @Im_Rana17

#ChiLaSow This movie is a slow poisoning magic ✨.. @23_rahulr nice stuff broo..Hopinh next movie with @Samanthaprabhu2 & @chay_akkineni ❤.. @vennelakishore comedy peaks abbaaa..

AVAD‏ @avadsays

Friday has turned to be fun. #ChiLaSow is a well made romantic drama. @23_rahulr is a director to watch out for. Narrates a simple story with beautiful emotions and fresh romance and neat comedy.

Vijay Kumar‏ @Kumar_viju1106

@iamSushanthA Watched #ChiLaSow time impressed with @iamSushanthA performance. . He's hilarious. Congratulations to the team... ✌✌♥️ #Love_from_Jharkhand...

Sai Krishna‏ @saikrishna1224

#ChiLaSow: A beautiful love story with, emotions and comedy. @23_rahulr should be appreciated for Narrating Simple story into beautiful & @iamSushanthA he nailed the show & @vennelakishore comedy timing were superb❤️❤️.@iRuhaniSharma Nice❤ Go & Watch with ur frds & family

KR Vihari‏ @KolliparaVihari

Saw #chilasow in Columbus,Ohio -USA. Theatre filled with laughs & positive energy. Thanks & Congratulations to @23_rahulr @iamSushanthA @iRuhaniSharma and other crew for entertaining us @vennelakishore garu,entertainment emergency I need orange juice sir

Sainath Ane Nenu‏ @sai356goa

Nice and cute love story with lots of emotions. Loved the idea of story happening in one night. Congrats @23_rahulr @iamSushanthA @vennelakishore @iRuhaniSharma @Chinmayi voice #Rohini garu acting #ChiLaSow

Santosh(సమంత)‏ @Sams_Santosh

#ChiLaSow such a Simple & sweet flick @23_rahulr Writing & Direction was good ,@iamSushanthA gives an Decent performance, #ruhani makes a solid debut..Especially #Rohini Garu wow what a performance @vennelakishore as usual hilarious @Samanthaprabhu2 @AnnapurnaStdios


#ChiLaSow Review @vennelakishore @iamSushanthA perfect blend of _______✍️ Yes! Hard to describe. This movie is a slow poisoning Magic ✨✨ 3.5/5.0

Naga siva krishna.G‏ @Nagasivakrishna

#ChiLaSow this is the movie we are expecting from you @iamSushanthA thoroughly enjoyed the film..directional debut thone 100 marks kottesaru bhayya.@23_rahulr. @vennelakishore too hilarious .All scenes are worth watching. TY @iamnagarjuna sir for always encouraging new talent Thank you kaka for always entertaining us...Enjoy d success!!

Naga Sravanthi‏ @Sravanthicuty

#ChiLaSow well written and executed script. Perfect mix of Romance, emotions and entertainment. Good to see @iamSushanthA in different role. Heroine performance is superb. Background music is awesome. @23_rahulr @AnnapurnaStdios @chay_akkineni @vennelakishore

Mohan Indraganti‏ @mokris_1772

#Chilasow is an excellent debut by @23_rahulr. Beautiful writing and wonderful direction. @iamSushanthA Sushanth is a revelation and @iRuhaniSharma is spot on @vennelakishore is always a sheer delight Rohini garu is Best of luck to the whole team

Akhil‏ @AkhilBhasuru

#ChiLaSow : Fantastic Pleasant Love Story All Section Of Audience Can Watch & Enjoy @iamSushanthA improved a lot, @iRuhaniSharma finest performance, @vennelakishore Kaka comedy, #Prashant BGM and finally @23_rahulr taking are mojor highlights of the film

Chaitanya Somavajhala‏ @ChaitanSrk

A slow first half with few interesting scenes here and there. #ChiLaSow Except for a few good moments, #ChiLaSow is completely slow and inconsistent. Cannot give any competition to #Goodachari at the Box office.

Rx100‏ @muneervarma

What a lovely film #ChiLaSow is. Superb directionional debut by @23_rahulr accompanied with an excellent background music. Go watch it people

Dulquer_Keerthy_Kaushal♥‏ @DQ_SG_Keerthy

Just Watched #ChiLaSow What a Wonderful experience❤ Totally addicted to all characters @23_rahulr ur direction omg Mind blowing @iamSushanthA @iRuhaniSharma actingBGMits a Fresh&Feel good movie ♥ Congrts to the entire teem @Chinmayi @Samanthaprabhu2 ❤

Raj Kandukuri‏ @IamRajKandukuri

Very decent attempt by @23_rahulr with a promising debut as director and very good job by @iamSushanthA for the much deserving movie called #chilasow. @vennelakishore is brilliant. Hearty congrats to entire team.@iRuhaniSharma


#ChiLaSow -Good First Half.. Simple Story Yet Beautiful Love Story With an Good Interval.. Gud Direction by @23_rahulr .. @iamSushanthA & @iRuhaniSharma done their roles Excellent.. #ChiLaSow -Beautiful and Pleasant Love Story.. Go For it.. @iamSushanthA & @iRuhaniSharma performance are highlight of the movie.. Debut Director @23_rahulr has good future a head.. @vennelakishore comedy works..#ChiLaSow background score is one of the best in recent times. Prashant Vihari @23_rahulr @iamSushanthA

Saiteja Maroju‏ @Me_Saiteja

#ChiLaSow Very interesting first half And Very good second half with good Comedy, songs and excellent climax. Congratulations @iamSushanthA For much deserving hit. Congrats @23_rahulr On your first hit

Telugu Cinema Fun‏ @TCinemaFun

#ChiLaSow A beautiful & pleasant love story , @iamSushanthA @iRuhaniSharma chemistry is the highlight , both performed superb & @vennelakishore comedy scenes top in recent times, @23_rahulr as a Director felt not even single scene in the movie is wasted , 3.25/5 .

RaJIV‏ @RajivAluri

#ChiLaSow is simple & cute film.. Though it has slow paced moments it carried the feel. Good work @23_rahulr for debut direction and @vennelakishore is superb.. Worth watching

Vishnu Thej Putta‏ @VishnuThejPutta

#ChiLaSow: A very well made film with right amount romance, emotions and comedy. @23_rahulr should be appreciated for his sensible way of narrating a simple love story and @iamSushanthA deserves a pat for opting to do something fresh.@iRuhaniSharma ❤

Rayarao Sriram‏ @rayaraosreeram

stories take birth around us. Its vry important 2 catch & tel them .@23_rahulr did that brilliantly & came up with #ChiLaSow. Best part is getting the right performances from the right actors. Loved the movie! Wishing to see ur name in the credits more in last than in beginning!!

Rajesh Manne‏ @rajeshmanne1

#ChiLaSow such a Simple & sweet flick @23_rahulr Writing & Direction was good ,@iamSushanthA gives an Decent performance, #ruhani makes a solid debut..Especially #Rohini Garu wow whatttaa performance @vennelakishore as usual hilarious 2) #Sukumar's cinematography is natural & @prashanthvihari 's Bgm extraordinary, #ChotaKPrasad editing was nice .... Plz Go & Watch this Coolest flick with ur Family this Weekend #ChiLaSowOnAug3rd #ChiLaSow

Karthik Mca‏ @NameisKarthik01

And Finally Watched #ChiLaSow Premiere Show Its The Feel Good Movie Osm Direction By @23_rahulr Bayya Pic Diginaka Movie Bagundi Ante Hug ichi Mari Tqq Cheppadu Finally Movie Super Love Story Caring Affection Lovers Can Must Wacth it #ChiLaSowFromTomorrow

Ahmed Jani Shaik™‏ @offl_aadhf

#ChiLaSow Premiere Show: First Half Done. Extraordinary The film Introduces us to and a good interval block. Eagerly Waiting For Second Half..❤❤❤ Second Half Fully Filled With Romance, Comedy & a twist. Superb By @23_rahulr makes a Great Start As Director & Performances Of @iamSushanthA & @iRuhaniSharma Are Extraordinary ❤❤

Shreyas Sriniwaas‏ @shreyasmedia

#ChiLaSow - A CHILLING BLOCKBUSTER OF THE SEASON Wahhh!! @23_rahulr bro u just ROCKED. He kept HEART AND SOUL in every frame. #ChiLaSow Charms you, makes you smile, and touches u deep second half KEkA @iamSushanthA bro u just nailed it @iRuhaniSharma is beautiful.

VamsiShekar‏ @UrsVamsiShekar

#ChiLaSow Premiere Show: First half done. The film introduces us to the lead pair, main plot and a good interval block. Second half filled romance, comedy and a twist. @23_rahulr makes a good start as director and performances of @iamSushanthA and @iRuhaniSharma are equally good.

‏ Deepak @KodelaDeepak

#ChiLaSow : Slow Paced, Decent Entertainment, Confused Romance and Emotional. Multiplex stuff.

Saiteja Maroju‏ @Me_Saiteja

#ChiLaSow Very interesting first half And Very good second half with good Comedy, songs and excellent climax. Congratulations @iamSushanthA For much deserving hit. Congrats @23_rahulr On your first hit Mellaga Mellaga Song Climax @vennelakishore juice comedy track Rahul track Over all Second half

King Reddy‏ @Krrish_Nag

#ChiLaSow Superb Movie . Clean Youth n Family Entertainer . @iamSushanthA @iRuhaniSharma Best Debut @23_rahulr @vennelakishore Comedy ( special mention Orange Juice )

sateesh virat‏ @sateeshm9009

@iRuhaniSharma #ChiLaSow feel good emotional movie ...u did a fabulous job baby...killing expressions... I think its not a first movie acting