Chhavi Mittal experienced something unusual this Halloween. The social media sensation claims to have spotted a UFO in the sky on Halloween night. She shared the video to prove her point and concluded that she believed it was an alien for sure. Chhavi added that the UFO shot from the Earth like a rocket and she was left speechless by the whole turn of events.

Chhavi Mittal spots UFO
Chhavi Mittal spots UFOInstagram

Chhavi's post

"It shot from the earth like a rocket then stood mid air for a while. Then it zipped towards the left and then back towards the same spot. Blinked green and red and then zipped out of sight from the left," she wrote while sharing the video.

"Idk if UFOs make an appearance on Halloween just like ghosts but I swear this happened and I'm convinced it was an alien!! #ufo#spaceship #ufospotted #spotted #instareels #halloween," she concluded.

What netizens feel

While we leave it to you to find out what it possibly could be, here's how netizens reacted to the video. "Satellite babes !! But believe wat u wanna & stay happy," wrote one user. "Plane hoga madam (Could be a plane madam)," commented another user. "Could it be a drone camera?" asked a netizen. "That might be a drone babe," opined another netizen.

"Alien invasion? That's the only thing left now," wrote a social media user. "Its star link satellite," wrote another social media user.

Chhavi recently battled breast cancer and emerged stronger from it. The diva walked her fans and followers through her entire cancer journey and was hailed as a hero.