Chethan Kumar
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Actor Chethan Kumar is now under attack for supporting Sruthi Hariharan's '#Me Too' cause as people allege him of using this opportunity to seek revenge against Arjun Sarja.

The story goes like this: Chethan was supposed to do Arjun Sarja-produced and directed Prema Baraha, the debut movie of his daughter Aishwarya. He was paid an advance amount of Rs 10 lakh, but he was replaced by Chandan Kumar at a later stage.

Now, Prashanth Sambargi, a close friend of Arjun Sarja, has alleged that Chethan Kumar was upset for replacing him. He also claims that the Aa Dinagalu actor was paid Rs 10 lakh as advance and never returned the amount despite serving several notices. 

However, Chethan has responded to the allegations by saying, "I was paid Rs 9 lakh by Sarja. I was had taken part in the photoshoot and spent 6 months on the project. I was regularly in touch with Arjun Sarja sir,"

He says that Arjun Sarja never asked him to return the advance amount neither he received any notice from the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. Chethan claims that they had decided to work in future and he still has a lot of respect for Arjun Sarja.

In another channel, Dhruva Sarja had a heated verbal exchange with Chethan Kumar and questioned his intention behind supporting Sruthi Hariharan.

The latter reiterated that he does not have anything personal against Arjun Sarja and he is just supporting the cause. 

Chethan Kumar, who is the founder of FIRE - Film Industry for Rights & Equality,  had supported Sruthi Hariharan after she made sexual misconduct allegation on Arjun Sarja. Read here Complete Story