A Chennai youth was arrested on Friday for attempting to join the Islamic State's branch in Libya by trying to cross over from Sudan. 

23-year-old Mohammed Naser Packeer Mohammed had been asked by an Isis recruiter to reach Sudan from where he could enter Libya and fight with Isis, but Sudanese authorities deported him to India after detaining him for suspicious activities. 

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested Mohammed and filed an FIR against him, Hindustan Times reported. 

The Chennai resident's radicalisation began during his visit to Dubai last year, officials were quoted saying. 

He had been recruited to train in Sudan and then enter Libya, where Daesh has established its presence and have reportedly reached close to capital Tripoli. 

This is the first time that an Indian was recruited by the terror group to fight in Libya, with 23 Indians having already joined Isis in Iraq and Syria since last year. 

"Mohammed Naser Packeer Mohammed is a computer expert. He got in touch with an IS recruiter known as 'Mad Mullah' sometime in May this year while he was in Dubai," a government official told HT

"Mad Mullah told him to reach Sudan from where he was to be sent to Libya to join the IS but his activities came in the notice of Sudanese authorities who detained him and sent back to India," the official said. 

The arrest comes on the heels of the Rajasthan police arresting an Indian Oil Corporation executive for allegedly trying to recruit for Isis. Security officials reportedly said that the IOC marketing manager Mohammed Sirazudin was 'on the verge of turning into a lone wolf'.

Last month, two youths from Tamil Nadu who had travelled to Turkey to enter Syria and fight with Isis were deported to India. One of the youths is from Chennai.