Manju Warrier's new movie Chathur Mukham directed by Ranjeet Kamala Sankar-Salil duo has hit the screens on April 08, 2021. The pre-release hype of the movie was so huge, as the makers have marketed the movie by calling it the first techno-horror thriller in the South Indian film industry. Apart from Manju Warrier, the film also stars Sunny Wayne, Alencier Lay Lopez, and Shyamaprasad in other prominent. Did the film live up to the expectation? Let us check it out. 

Fear, angst, and shock

In Chathur Mukham, lady superstar Manju Warrier plays the role of Tejaswini, an unmarried woman who is very active on social media platforms. She has a lot to do with her smartphone, and she loves to capture all moments in her life using a camera. Things take an unexpected turn in her life when the smartphone which she loves starts creating chaos. 

chathur mukham
Manju Warrier in Chathur MukhamYouTube

After a powerful interval block, the second half of the movie is filled with various emotions that include fear, angst, and sometimes shock. The director deserves special applause for successfully evoking fear in the minds of the audiences. The cinematography of the film is brilliant, and  Abinandhan Ramanujam has captured night visuals with perfection. Dawn Vincent's background score also played a crucial role in elevating the fear factor. 

Manju Warrier: The unquestionable lady superstar

Manju Warrier, as we all know is one of the most talented actors in the industry, and with Chathur Mukham, the actress proved that she is the unquestionable lady superstar in Mollywood. The actress excelled in the lead role of this movie, and her performance in jump-scare moments was a real treat to watch. Sunny Wayne also did justice to his role. 

Final verdict

Chathur Mukham is a brilliant film made with International standards. If you are a horror movie lover, just don't miss this thriller that will make you thrilled and chilled.