In the last couple of days, we have seen a spiraling number of stories regarding a Hollywood actor who is HIV positive, regardless of which he is recklessly chasing women in the industry. Although the media that broke the news refrained from revealing the actor's name, many guessed him to be "Anger Management" star Charlie Sheen.

The news kept trending on social media, despite repeated admonitions from reputed news organisations about the lack of ethics in exposing a sensitive issue such as this nonchalantly. Now, Sheen himself is expected to put a rest to this rumour by appearing on the "Today Show" on Tuesday morning.

In the aftermath of this toxic rumour, Sheen's ex-girlfriend aka "goddess" and former pornstar Bree Olson revealed on Twitter she is getting tested for HIV. She tweeted, "Recorded myself for half an hour being tested for HIV and getting the results. This is so stressful (sic)".

Prior to this, she had also shared a message on her website that read: "There are speculations circling that one of my ex-boyfriends from years ago may have contracted the HIV virus. They are rumors and I know nothing more than anyone else. I, myself have been to my gynecologist at least once a year since we split up and have always been tested across the board for everything and have came back clean across the board every time (sic)."

Meanwhile, reports claim Sheen's second ex-wife Denise Richards has known about his HIV status for a long time. Regardless, the truth will be revealed on the Today Show wherein Sheen will be interviewed by Matt Lauer.

You can stream the interview live via NBC Live or watch it online via